Major Changes Underway To Boost Night-Time Economy


The Government are to consider a number of changes to support the night time economy and to provide a boost to the live entertainment and cultural sector.

Supports for venues such as cafes and clubs to stay open later for culture or live events from Monday to Thursday are set to be examined. Major changes to alcohol licensing laws will be discussed by the Cabinet, including making it easier for cultural venues such as theatres, galleries and exhibition spaces to get licences.

Staggered and extended closing times for bars and possibly nightclubs are under consideration as well as bringing Sunday trading times into line with the rest of the week. Minister for Arts and Tourism Catherine Martin will also bring a report to Cabinet on the night-time economy.

It is aiming to bring more venues into late night use by linking promoters and artists with existing spaces. Night-Time Economy Committees will be established in six cities and towns across the country.

The report also addresses how the electronic music and nightclub sector is an integral part of the night-time economy and culture. The taskforce report wants to encourage the dance and electronic music sectors which have felt excluded from the arts and culture environment. There is a possibility too that planning codes could be changed to allow empty buildings be used for events.