Tipperary Town School Principals Proud Of Fantastic Leaving Cert. Students


TMWR spoke with the local schools today about the issue of the Leaving Certificate results.

John Cullinane, Principal of St Anne’s Secondary School said they were delighted with the results, he said this cohort of students had a very difficult time to deal with for their final two years in school. He congratulated 3 students that achieved the maximum 625 points, he also noted that two students had achieved 601 and 600 points respectively. The school had 52 students for Leaving Cert this year. This was Mr Cullinane’s first year as principal in St Anne’s. He said that 29% have achieved 500 points or more, 58% 400 or more and 83% achieved 300 points or above. Mr Cullinane also said that the students should be proud of their results as they has shown huge dedication to their work. He also thanks all the parents and staff at St Anne’s. Finally he said he wished to thank former principal Colette Tracy and the staff for their contribution and leadership during the difficult year of 2020.

‘Delighted and over the moon’

The Abbey CBS had 53 Leaving Certificate students this year. Principal John Kiely commented on the results saying that they were delighted and over the moon. He praised the students for their hard work in the most difficult of circumstances. He said for the staff today was a return to normality – staff had attended early and prepared the statement of results for all students. He said approx. 85% of students attended to day for what he called our last engagement with them. The students met the school guidance counselor Mr Donovan and year head Mr Hickey. John Kiely said they are all gone out the gate now – on to the next stage of their lives and they are well ready for it.

‘Majority will get the course of their choice’

St Ailbe’s School had 45 students for the Leaving Certificate this year. Principal Ruaidhri Devitt said the students did very well and they were very happy with the results. Mr Devitt said that the vast majority will likely get the course of their choice. This year as the results were available online most students choose to access the results from the portal rather than attend in person – he said some students had attended with some questions about the next stage in their life. Mr Devitt said the priority is that all students are now transitioning into the next phase of their lives and they were delighted to be doing so after the experiences of the last 20 months.