Guidance For Students Issued Ahead Of Leaving Cert. Results Tomorrow


The Department of Education has issued guidance around the Leaving Cert results to be issued tomorrow and the subsequent timeline for any appeals. Results will be available from 10am in schools and via the Candidate Portal.  Candidates will have access to provisional results and can access a PDF statement of provisional results which can be printed or saved for printing later.  Schools will not have individual copies of provisional statements of results. Statements can be printed by candidates from the Candidate Portal.

From 5pm on Tuesday Sept 7th students will have Access to the Written examinations component marks and final marks and secondly to Accredited Grades estimated marks and accredited marks as applicable. Further information about this will be published on Monday.

For students thinking of appealing their results the Application to View Scripts Opens at 5 pm Tuesday 7 September  and Closes at  8 pm Wednesday 8 September

And the formal Appeal Application Opens at 9 am, Saturday 11 September Closes at 12 pm Monday13 September. There is no fee for an appeal of either written or accredited grades.

The date for the delivery of appeal results are to yet to be confirmed.