Additional 3rd Level Places Promised As Leaving Cert Exams Begin Tomorrow

Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Minister for Education Norma Foley has said additional third-level places this year will ease demand caused by increased applications and the potential impact of accredited grades.

The Minister was commenting as she wished students well in the 2021 Leaving Cert Examinations due to start tomorrow. According to figures from the CAO, which is responsible for assigning third-level places, as of May 1st over 84,000 people applied for college places.

Last year saw an inflation of 4.4 per cent in results across all subject due to the calculated grades system. This option is also available to Leaving Cert students this year as ‘SEC accredited grades’ in addition to the traditional written exams, which they could choose between on a subject-by-subject basis. Minister for Further and Higher Education Simon Harris previously announced 4,500 additional places will be offered across third-level courses, on top of the 2,225 places added last year.

Ms Foley said all measures have been taken at exam centres to ensure the written exams go ahead in line with public health advice. The LC exams conclude on June 29th and results will be issued on Sept 3 rd . The CAO hopes to issue first round college offers on Sept 7