Guidance Published For Leaving Cert Accredited Grades Process


The Department of Education has published guidance for schools in respect of the Leaving Certificate Accredited grades process for 2021.

The Accredited Grades Data Entry System has been created and built specifically for the Accredited Grades process 2021. The guide is to support teachers and school principals as they enter the student grades in respect of students that opted for this process.

Some students opted to sit the examinations and some students took both options.  The data entry system will open at 9am on Friday, 28 May and will be open until 6pm on Thursday, 3 June. The Department notes that it is essential that all schools and centres of education complete the data entry process on or before Thursday, 3 June.

The guidance also covers out of school subjects and out of school learners Apart from some minor modifications, the same procedures apply to Leaving Certificate Applied as to Leaving Certificate. The written examinations will begin on June 9th with the last exam scheduled for June 29th.