Line Of Duty The Most Watched Drama Series Of The 21st Century

Line Of Duty (Image:

The BBC’s police drama series “Line Of Duty” has taken the accolade of the most watched drama series of the 21st century so far, in the UK.

Produced by World Productions, the gritty crime drama first began airing on BBC in 2012. Since then, a further 5 series have been produced and broadcast, with Series 6 – the most recent series, recently finishing its broadcast run.

Official figures show that the Series 6 finale garnered a massive 15.16 million viewers, which is 80,000 higher than the previous record set by an episode of the extremely popular rural police drama, Heartbeat, in February 2000.

It means the BBC One police thriller is now the highest-rated TV drama series since March 1999, when an episode of ITV’s A Touch Of Frost won an audience of 15.83 million.