Planning Permission Refused For Major Development in Tipperary Town


The issue of planning applications in the area that forms part of the study area for the N24 realignment has been highlighted again following the decision of Tipperary County Council planning office to refuse permission for a housing development on the Dundrum Road at Brodeen, Tipperary.

Kingscroft Developments Limited made the application which sought the construction of a mixed-use development totalling comprising a single storey childcare facility and 84 two storey dwellings. Each of the proposed dwelling units was to feature roof mounted PVC solar panels. The overall development proposed a new primary vehicular and pedestrian access from the Dundrum Road.

The council provided two reasons for the refusal at this time – namely that protection of the reserved corridor for the realignment of the N24 so as not to compromise the future road scheme must be achieved and as the site of the proposed development is located within the study area it cannot at this time give permission for the development.

Secondly the council cited that the applicant had failed to submit a Road Safety Audit.

Full details of the N24 realignment study area are available on