Calls For Community To Support “Green Tipperary Town” Initiative


There were calls last night for the community to support an initiative to Green Tipperary town. An online meeting that was also shared on facebook heard from Duncan Stewart, Tipperary Energy Agency, Community Energy Cooperative Tipperary, The Climate Adaption sub-group and members of the Tipperary Town Task force, including chairperson Carmel Fox.

A number of actions were identified that Tipperary town might pursue – however no major decisions are likely immediately as the work of the Climate sub group will now feed into the overall Tipp Town Revitalisation Plan which is due for publication by mid Summer. 

Issues such as transport road and rail use, district heating systems, energy production and consumption, actions to support wildlife, traffic speed reduction, increased walking and cycling facilities, campaigns to reduce car journeys, eliminating single use plastic in town,  planting orchards on approach roads, nature friendly roundabouts, planting  trees by the river Ara, support for local food producers, vertical gardens on buildings, species rich lawns and green spaces, farmers producing biomass where all initiatives identified by Mr Stewart. He also pointed out that investment in moving into the green and renewable sector – from home energy solutions to national projects and that Tipperary town should take this opportunity.