Anti-Dog Fouling Initiative Launched For Tipperary

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

Tipperary Environment and Climate Action recently launched an anti dog fouling awareness campaign in which 200 hi vis vests are being made available to the public. The hope is to raise awareness with the public while out walking their dog to pick up after their dog.  The message on the hi vis is “My dog supports a clean environment, Keep Tipp Tidy”. There are nearly 100 mutt dispensers filled with bags strategically located on popular walking routes around the county.Tipperary Council encourages dog walkers to take a bag when out walking. Dog fouling is the responsibility of the dog owner or the person walking the dog.  The council  encourages all dog owners to “do their bit” and clean up after their dog. The council advise that if you don’t pass a bin on your walk home, simply put the bag in your black bin when you reach home.

Dog faeces can carry an infection known as toxocariasis which if passed to humans is a potentially serious infection, resulting in eye disorders, dizziness, nausea, asthma and epileptic fits. Please make sure your pet does not become a source of tragedy for some other family – the message is simple you must clean up after your dog.

The hi vis vests are available from Bennet’s SuperValu in Tipperary Town and Barry’s SuperValu in Thurles.  SuperValu  are sponsors of the National Tidy Towns Competition.