Planning Application Sought For Nudist Resort in Aherlow

Aherlow To Be Exposed If Council Approve New Resort

A planning application has been sought for the development of a naturist holiday resort in Aherlow, Co. Tipperary.

The application seeks permission for the construction of a “Holistic Naturist Resort” on the site of the former Glen Hotel in Aherlow, Co. Tipperary, and involves the demolition of the existing hotel structure, with the construction of a purpose-built facility on the site for a holiday resort tailor made for the growing national market for naturists.

Naturism is a popular life-style which sees its members disregard clothing and has a special relationship with the human body and nudity, in a non-sexual way. Advocates of the movement say that communal nudity is liberating, and eliminates the stigma of the naked human form in western society.

The proposed development would include accommodation, with state-of-the-art heating facilities to prevent frost-bite during cold spells, a heated jacuzzi to cater for up to 6 couples at a time and a nude ice-themed bar – to be named “Chilly Willys”. Furthermore, planning also includes a 2.5 metre fence surrounding the resort, to prevent passersby from viewing the guests without permission.

A spokesperson for the development says : “It is high time that Tipperary got to experience something different. The people of Tipperary deserve to have a new facility that caters for the growing diversity of our changing society, and this is the perfect opportunity to provide a touch of the exotic to rural Ireland”.

A decision of the extensive application is due on April 1st 2022.