Cahir Gardaí Investigate Criminal Damage & Fake Driving Licence Usage


Gardai in Cahir are investigating the circumstances surrounding a number of criminal damage incidents in the Cranna area of Cahir on Friday and Saturday March 20th and 21st, between 9:30pm – 01:30am. Gardai are looking for any person who observed any suspicious vehicles or persons in the area and any person passing by with dashcam footage to come forward by contacting Cahir Garda Station on 052-7445630.

Seperately, Cahir Gardai continue to report successful detection of fake Driving Licences using the Mobility App Technology to examine presented Driving Licences. Cahir Gardai seized 2 suspected fraudulent driving licences from motorists which were stopped during the course of their day yesterday using the #MobilityApp and Lapdock. Gardai report that the documents seized in Cahir and Cashel will be forensically analysed and the consequences for possessing same result in a criminal conviction under the theft & fraud offences act as well as a disqualification.