Illegal Dumping Outside Tipperary Town Business Highlights An Ongoing Problem

Urban Dumping (Image: Public Domain)

A local business in Tipperary Town has been the victim of illegal dumping overnight.

The Phone Repair business said it was not the first time. The Business shares an access area with some residential bins and both have been the victims of illegal dumping. Material has been left in bags adjacent to the bins or placed in the bins. Putting locks on the bins did not seem to be a sufficient deterrent to those seeking to dispose of their own waste without the cost of bin charges, according to the business owner.

It is understood that the latest incident of illegal dumping has been reported to the GardaĆ­ and will be on the council desk to handle if the material is not removed.

Council policy is to check such material to establish if the owner or perpetrator can be identified. In such cases fines can be issued and charges brought against persistent offenders.