Michael Lowry Announces €29.5 Million For Tipperary Roadworks


Deputy Michael Lowry has announced that €29,526,858 has been allocated for works on regional and local roads across Tipperary for 2021.

A €555m funding package was announced by Government today, which will allow approximately 3,100kms of roads to be maintained and 2,450kms to be strengthened across the country.

The main priority in 2021 is the maintenance and renewal of the country’s existing regional and local road network. This type of routine maintenance is fundamental to safe guarding our road infrastructure and keeping the network in a good condition.

Overall €23 million worth of funding is being earmarked for climate change adaptation and resilience works in 2021. This includes €15 million for new applications which continues the funding stream provided through the July 2020 stimulus programme.

The funding takes into account of the needs of all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians. In this regard, all strategic road improvement investment schemes will include provisions for walking and cycling infrastructure.