Avondale Alfie Swoops Into Tipp Town

Avondale Alfie

Tipperary’s place in the literary leagues has seen a new addition with the publication of Avondale Alfie. Alfie is a very kind and wise crow that lives in the tallest tree in Avondale, Tipperary Town. He has made a trip all around the town, and shares his wisdom with the younger readers in Tipperary.

This modern man of Tipperary also uses Facebook to deliver his positive message about his life in Tipperary Town. The book is available to purchase on www.avondalealfie.com.

It will be posted to you anywhere in the world or if you purchase on line you can avail of a click and collect service and collect your book(s) at Flanagan’s Lane Restaurant. The book is beautifully illustrated and published by EventsConnect and retails for €9.99 plus post and packaging. A donation from the proceeds of each book will be made to www.childrensgriefcentre.ie .

Alfie wants to help children growing up in Tipperary Town to be happy kind citizens, that are proud of their hometown. In the book he travels from home to all parts of the town, to mention just a few – the Hills, The Clock Tower, Canon Hayes Park, the allotments (tasty worms!) peeks in the Excel Centre’s windows to watch movies and enjoys crisps from the boys in the Abbey.

Alfie also notices sadness in some people visiting the graves of loved ones and knows how important it is to express your feelings. He is proud to live near the majestic Galtee Mountains. He meets lots of interesting kind people in his daily trips around Tipperary Town. It makes a lovely bedtime story – giving families some quiet bonding time together before a good night’s rest. Alfie had help to produce his story – Michelle Tobin, Niamh Quinn McIlveney and Natasha O’Keefe. A great blend of talents combining to deliver a lovely book, website and social media channels.

Something tells me Alfie has more books to share with Tipperary folk.

We can look forward to his next adventure.