U.S. Presidential Election Count Far From Over

Image: Pixabay

The Count for votes in the US Presidential Election continues. At present there are 5 States that need to complete their vote counts. Mr. Biden, the Democratic candidate, has secured 264 votes in the Electoral College – the winner needs to secure 270.

President Trump is leading in 4 of the States, but if Mr. Biden secures the State of Nevada, where he currently has a lead, he will be victorious.

Yesterday, Mr. Biden launched a new website for a transition to a Democratic-controlled White House. His team called it buildbackbetter.com and declared “the Biden-Harris Administration can hit the ground running on Day One”.

It would be normal to have close partnership between incoming and outgoing administrations, however the Republican President continued to allege fraud, filed lawsuits and demanded recounts in a race yet to be decided. Mr Trump’s legal team, led by Rudy Giuliani, has lodged a number of legal actions to stop the counting of votes to enable reviews to be made to the observation arrangements for Trump Supporters.

Trump Supporters are at some count centres – in Michigan they are chanting “Stop the Vote” and in Arizona chanting “Count the Votes”.   It had been forecast that given the huge numbers of mail in ballots – approximately 100 million across the nation, that the results would not be clear until all the votes were counted.