“Very Disappointing” Result For Tipperary Town In Anti-Litter Survey


A survey conducted by the IBAL (Irish Business Against Litter) Anti-Litter League has shown a “very disappointing result” for Tipperary Town. The survey, conducted on 40 towns and cities in Ireland, ranked Tipperary Town in 36th place out of the 40 surveyed areas.

The report claimed that the town has “just four top-ranking sites” and was home to two “litter blackspots”. The result will come as a major disappointment to the businesses and residents of the town, at a time when the economic and developmental status of Tipperary Town is of serious concern.

The more positive aspects of the report praised the Murgasty approach road into Tipperary Town (R497), as well as site at Tipp Town Football Club, where there was “no visible litter” and the overall impression was of “well-maintained grounds”. The report also praised the appearance and litter-free environment on the Limerick Road approach and at Tipperary Town Shopping Centre.

However, the general picture for Tipperary Town was bleak. In particular, the vacant building at the signage for Bank Place received a Grade D, and was considered to be not just littered, but “subject to dumping”, with a “myriad of litter and miscellaneous items”. The Bring Centre at Tesco, Limerick Road was also deemed in a very poor state, scoring just D+, with claims of units “stuffed/overflowing” and “black sacks… discarded to the front” of the site.

Overall, the town was shown to have four sites scoring Grade A, three Grade B sites, one Grade C+, one Grade D+, and one Grade D.

The survey concluded that Tipperary Town was “lagging behind most other towns when it comes to cleanliness”, highlighting the Bank Place issue as having already been noted in 2019, which begged the question “where does responsibility for this site lie?”.