Cashel Chamber calls for supports, advice and certainty so businesses have best chance to survive crisis

Rock of Cashel

Cashel Chamber of Commerce has called on the government to provide businesses with a clear set of guidelines on how to prepare for future reopening, and for supports to be made available to help them last until then.

Speaking Tipp Mid West this morning, Cashel Chamber President Martin Lynch said that in Cashel the tourism and hospitality sectors are a vital part of the local economy – pointing out that the hotel, B&B providers, bars, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and hair salons represent approximately 50% of total employment.

This sector, he says, has been decimated just as its busiest season was about to get underway.

He has called on the government to provide the supports and guidance needed to protect the economy and long-term viability of the Chamber’s members and their businesses.

He also said that when businesses do start opening their doors, they will be faced with demands to pay bills that are currently being deferred, while they will also face the added costs of doing business in a new trading environment.

He went on to say:

‘Mitigating the financial impact of Covid-19 for the hospitality industry and for all our members must go hand in hand with their re-opening in the coming weeks and months.’

Mr Lynch has demanded ‘a full and comprehensive review of Local Authority Rates and
Water Charges, with deferrals or reduction of liabilities for a minimum of 12 months’ to be introduced.

He went on to say that a range of other measures to minimise the financial pressures the business sector will have to face while at the same time trying to get their livelihoods back up and running, needs to be prioritised.