Weapons, ‘movie money’ and drugs seized in Clonmel


€2,200 in fraudulent currency, four offensive weapons and a small quantity of suspected drugs have been seized by Clonmel gardaí.

Shortly after 5pm yesterday, April 9th, Gardaí from the Clonmel District Drugs Unit executed a search warrant at a house in Gortmalogue, Clonmel.

During the course of the search Gardaí seized €2,200 “movie money”, pepper spray, a retractable baton and two knuckle dusters.

A small amount of suspected cocaine and tablets were also seized. The suspected drugs will now be sent for analysis.

Following the search operation, Crime Prevention Officer Sgt Tom O’Dwyer said:

“We have noticed this “movie money” or “prop money” that bear a strong resemblance to genuine Euro notes in circulation in Clonmel recently. They do not contain the security features so we would advise businesses and members of the public who deal in cash to be aware and to take appropriate precautionary measures.”

He also noted that the use of fraudulent current when trying to purchase goods or services is an offence that carries a potential sentence of 10 years.