Tipperary County Council launches Covid-19 Information Hub


Tipperary County Council has launched an online Covid-19 Hub for Tipperary on the local authority’s website, www.tipperarycoco.ie.

In a statement, the council said that ‘with the wealth of information available across the internet and social media at this time’, it has established an area where it has pulled together national and local resources in one place.

The Information Hub will be updated with news and any relevant datasets that become available over the coming weeks.

Information that is currently available includes statistics, local services, and Covid-19 testing centre locations.

It is a comprehensive guide of reliable public service information, available to you in one place. For more information visit http://www.tipperarycoco.ie Twitter: @tipperarycoco

For updated and factual Public Health information and advice on COVID-19 Coronavirus, please visit hse.ie/coronavirus or call 1800 700 700

For the latest information on the Covid-19 Vaccine Programme, please visit hse.ie/covid-19-vaccine