Tipp Volunteer Centre offers assistance, advice and links to volunteers and organisations

Logo of the Tipperary Volunteer Centre.

The Tipperary Volunteer Centre has said that it is available to assist any organisations that need volunteers or volunteers who want to give of their time, while advice is available for newly-formed groups.

The centre’s manager Derek Fanning told Tipp Mid West today that there has been a big increase in those offering to help during this time, with hundreds of people from across the county having registered on their database, indicating that they want to help with the response to Covid-19.

Volunteers whose organisations have stopped operating because of the virus can also contact the volunteer centre if they want to be put in touch with organisations who are operating.

He also said that given the number of groups that are being set up to help the isolated or vulnerable, the Tipperary Volunteer Centre can also offer advice on ways to operate, coordinate local response, and comply with GDPR legislation.

Organisations that need support should email response@volunteertipperary.ie and those who want to offer their help can sign up on www.i-vol.ie to register their interest in volunteering for COVID-19 specific roles. The service is completely free. Check out volunteertipperary.ie.