Test turnaround time may be 7 – 10 days


A Tipperary town GP has said that if you think you should be tested for Covid-19 then the first course of action you need to take is to self-isolate, then ring your GP.

Speaking to Tipp Mid West, Dr Iver Hanrahan said that a backlog of tests is being dealt with at the moment, hence the length of the turnaround time, which he estimates is between seven and ten days.

He also said that with this in mind, should the number of confirmed cases increase considerably this week, it may not be something to get too worried over, as it is to be expected due to the number of tests that have been building up in the system and the high number of tests being carried out.

Dr Hanrahan advised that if anyone believes they should be tested, to immediately put themselves isolation. He also said that social distancing and hygiene measures continue to be the two main weapons we have against the spread of the disease.

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