Visitor restrictions at STGH maternity unit

South Tipperary General Hospital.
Image of South Tipperary General Hospital by RustyTheDog [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The following visitor restrictions have been announced at the maternity unit in South Tipperary General Hospital.

  • Women admitted for induction of labour or in labour can have one nominated companion. This companion can only join the patient when she is in labour or called for caesarean section.
  • For all other inpatients, including Antenatal inpatients and Postnatal inpatients: No visitors allowed
  • For babies in the SCBU: Mother only
  • For patients in the NICU: mother only
  • For Outpatients: Only the women attending the appointment – No partners, children or companions

This is in the interest of patient care and in order to prevent the spread of infections within the hospital. Management regrets any inconvenience caused to patients and relatives by these necessary measures.

The situation will be reviewed on a daily basis.

The HSE has a page with information on COVID-19 Virus Infection and Pregnancy information for pregnant women and their families here.

Patients who suspect they may have Covid-19 symptoms should contact their GP or Public Health via telephone first: Public Health Number: (056) 778 4142, or 24-hour COVID care line: 1850 24 1850.

For updated and factual Public Health information and advice on the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, please visit or call 1850 24 1850

For the latest information on the Covid-19 Vaccine Programme, please visit