Questions asked about Cork/Limerick motorway update

Cllr. Michael Fitzgerald

A local councillor has asked why representatives of Tipperary County Council were invited to a briefing on proposals for a Cork-Limerick motorway link when the N/M20 option looked like a done deal.

Yesterday’s meeting was told that the preferred option is the N/M20 scheme that would link Cork and Limerick directly via motorway, passing Mallow, Charleville, and Croom.

Tipperary County Council had proposed an M24 scheme running between Limerick and Waterford, connecting to the M8 at Cahir linking to Cork. This would also provide Tipp town with a by-pass.

Cllr Michael Fitzgerald told Tipp Mid West this morning that the Tipperary proposal would cost millions of euro less than the M20 option and would provide a corridor from the east of the country, although the journey time between Limerick and Cork would be longer than the N/M20 proposal.

He has questioned the seriousness with which the Tipperary proposal was received, but he said that the option will continue to be pursued.