Package of Supports Confirmed for Tipp town Primary Schools.

DEIS status is also likely in the near future.


There is good news for Tipperary town’s five primary schools with confirmation that an additional package of supports has been approved.

A campaign to give the schools the supports they need through the DEIS or disadvantaged schools programme has been ongoing for some time with submissions being made to the Department of Education and ongoing lobbying at government level.

The matter was also highlighted in recent March4Tipp demonstrations.

Yesterday, at a meeting with Department of Education officials, the 5 Primary Schools and local TD Michael Lowry were told that as an interim measure, before the next rollout of DEIS, they will have access to a package of additional supports and resources.

This package will include literacy support, extra resources for non-Irish national pupils and a Family Support Teacher.

The schools also say they are confident that they will be included in the next DEIS appointments which are due to be announced in November of this year, for implementation in Sept. 2020.