Match Traffic Alert for M7 in Kildare


Fans travelling to Croke Park, Dublin, this weekend are being warned of possible delays due to ongoing roadworks on the M7 between Junction 11 (M9) and Junction 8 (Johnstown).

Motorists travelling from Tipperary/Limerick may experience some delays on M7 northbound as M9 traffic merges at Junction 11. Motorists from Kilkenny/Wexford travelling north on the M9 should take note that the carriageway is reduced to a single lane on approach to the M7.

When leaving Dublin, please be aware of the recent changes in the road layout between Junctions 8 and 11. These include three lanes, a new exit at Junction 10 and a new arrangement at the M9 split with the left lane leading straight onto the M9 southbound.

Motorists continuing along M7 should keep to lanes two and three when approaching the M9 split.