Extra Pre-School Class For Kids With Autism At St Joseph’s NS.


St. Joseph’s Primary School, Tipperary Town, today opened a second preschool class for children aged between 3 and 6 years with autism.

Principal Louise Tobin has described it as great news for parents of the town and surrounding areas who have a child with autism, as the school now has additional places in this early intervention setting. 

St. Joseph’s opened their first preschool class in 2013 with six places.
Each year since then, all places have been filled. The additional six places have been greeted as a significant development.

The additional class also brings three more jobs to St. Joseph’s – a new teacher and two Special Needs Assistants. 

To ensure Health and Safety and to accommodate the preschool class, alterations funded by the Department of Education of Skills will need to take place at the school. The school has received funding approval for these works.