Six-Month Lease Extension for 19 Households in Rosanna Close

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The CEO of the fund that has purchased 19 houses in Rosanna Close in Tipperary town has given the residents of those homes a six-month extension onto their leases to allow them more time to find alternative accommodation.

It emerged recently that the company wants to sell the 19 houses in question, and that the residents had been ordered to leave at the end of their current lease, which for some would have ended as early as this November.

It would have meant that a number of families would have had to move out of their homes by Christmas.

The matter was highlighted by local FF TD Jackie Cahill and local activist Jackie Kinahan-Finnan. They have since met with the CEO of the fund that owns the properties. That meeting resulted in its CEO offering residents a six-month extension on to their leases, at current rates, to allow them more time to search for other accommodation. Any residents who at that stage are still experiencing difficulties in finding alternative accommodation may be given a further six months to do so.

Speaking to Tipp Mid West this morning, Deputy Cahill said that it is far from being an ideal situation for the residents concerned, but it does allow them more time to find accommodation elsewhere.