Patience at an end for those concerned at Tipp town neglect.


A demonstration is being organised for Saturday, October 20th in Tipperary, at which concerned members of the public will be calling for an end to what they say is the neglect of Tipperary town.

The group hopes to draw attention to the many obstacles that the town has continued to face over the years, and which they claim, have not been addressed adequately, if at all.

The issues that the group wants to draw attention to throughout its campaign, include the lack of movement in relation to plans for a by-pass of the town; the town’s high unemployment rate, and the slow pace with which the town’s infrastructure (including the roads and streets) are progressing.

The group also wants to highlight how key supports are not being given to the town for the challenges it faces.

The supports that have been sought in the past and which have not been provided include Deis status for the local national schools, and disadvantaged area supports for the Canon Hayes Sports Centre.

The group is non-political and wants these issues (and many more) to be recognised and dealt with accordingly by local and national political representatives.