Patient Hotel Delayed But Commitment Remains


The so-called Patient Hotel will not be constructed in time to deal with the surge in demand at STGH, but the HSE and the Health Minister are still committed to the plan.

That’s according to Michael Lowry who announced Simon Harris’ support for the idea last month.  This afternoon he said that the planning process and the need to involve the Public Procurement Process have meant that the modular unit will not be constructed by the year’s end and therefore is not included in the HSE Winter Initiative.

However, he says that in today’s document the HSE has outlined its commitment to the project.

Meanwhile, Tipperary is to the see the introduction of a Community Intervention Initiative in which five senior and experienced nurses based in Our Lady’s Hospital in Cashel will work with GPs to provide care to patients in their homes or in nursing homes.  This he says, will enable STGH to more free-up beds.

The second is the fitting out of a vacant room at STGH which will act as an overflow ward accommodating five beds and 11 trolleys.

According to the independent TD, this will have dedicated staff and will provide the privacy that many patients on trolleys cannot receive at the moment.

It is also expected that additional homecare packages for Tipperary will be included in the plan.