TD Michael Lowry demand Minister for Agric step in to resolve Beef crisis


A Co Tpperary TD has demanded that the Minister for Agriculture step in to resolve the ongoing beef crisis which he says is putting the livelihood of many farmers at risk.

Michael Lowry was commenting on concerns that Tipperary farmers are having over the prices they are getting for beef and the specifications they must meet but which are frequently being altered. 

He said that farmers are both enraged and frustrated that the factories and retailers have, in his words, changed the goalposts midway through the game and are essentially abusing their dominent position. 

Farmers he added are asking for a fair and transparent system that reflects the quality beef being produced and the current market returns.

As such he has called on Minister Coveney to engage with the various parties concerned to resolve the matter while ensuring that retailers can no longer create artificial obstacles to control an agenda.