Tipperary Town has not fared well in latest IBAL Report.


The Irish Business Against Litter (IBAL) league has found that nationally, an urban/rural divide is emerging with some of Ireland’s towns getting cleaner while some cities are getting dirtier.

Parts of Dublin, Cork, and Limerick are at the bottom of the table of cleanliness while a substantial amount of towns were found to be as clean as or cleaner than their European counterparts.

Tipperary Town, however, has been found to be moderately littered with the organisation noting that the level of litter of the moderately littered sites was such that it could easily slide to a seriously littered category.

These sites included the Plan, Kickham Place, the grasslands beside the Post Office and the recycling facility in the Supervalu carpark.

Clonmel was found to be cleaner than European norms.