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Written by Nora Samworth   
Friday, 11 April 2014 16:57
The future of services provided at present by South Tipperary Development Company is to come under discussion at a public meeting in Clonmel this evening. With the reform of local government, development companies which deliver local development programmes, will be subsumed into Local Community Development Committees. The LCDC'S will be under the juristiction of local authorities.
There are concerns that by falling under the jurisdiction of the local authorities, the Local Community Development Committees may not enjoy the same independence that the development companies did when making decisions.
There are also questions about how and to what extent funding will be made available under the new arrangement.
To address these concerns, a public meeting to be hosted by the board of the South Tipperary Development Company will take place at the Clonmel Park Hotel this evening at 8pm.
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Written by Nora Samworth   
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 16:41

A study undertaken by a group set up to campaign for the retention of local ambulance resources has found that in the vast majority of cases, ambulances cannot respond to a call within times regarded as best practice. 

The Tipperary Ambulance Action Group undertook its own review of ambulance service by seeing how far each ambulance base vehicle could legally go within the specified target response time. 

The study found that the distance of 12.7km was reached from Cashel, 11.1km from Clonmel and 10.8 from tipperary. 

The distances the organsisation maintains would mean that just 40to 45% of the south tipperary population can be reached within the target response time. 

Tipperary ambulance Action Group is as a result calling on the National Ambulance Service to arrangew a meeting to discuss the findings and to seek assurances that no further reductions are imposed on the fleet 

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Written by Nora Samworth   
Wednesday, 09 April 2014 16:31

Approval has been given to sign over the former army barracks in Clonmel to South Tipperary County Council.

The premises shut down in 2012 bringing 350 years of military presence in the town to an end.

The details of the deal will come before the county council and the formal signing over cermony is expected to take place in the next few weeks. 

A new Garda District Headquarters to replace the current garda station in Clonmel is planned for the site. 

The council also plans to develop a park on the grounds as well as education and training offices. 


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